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Welcome to the
New York Society of Play!

The New York Society of Play is a family services provider committed to making the most of playtime.

At the New York Society of Play, every game has a lesson to offer. Through play, we hone social and problem-solving skills, as well as mathematical and textual literacy!

Our instructors are experts in the games they play and are committed to turning each game into a learning experience.

We strongly believe that play is for everyone. We offer game-based workshops for families, classmates, old friends, and new friends! Foster new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and come together with your loved ones.

Our classes and workshops currently take place over Zoom, offering a safe and convenient way to stay mentally active, and socially connected!

Courses that are FUN FOR EVERYONE


Join us for online roleplaying games. All you need is a computer with internet.

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When school’s out, we’re open. That’s our philosophy.
Game on!

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Come to our after school program to learn, and learn from, various social games.

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