Hear from Our Parents

We couldn’t be happier with the Holiday Game Camp. Our son loved every single activity (Minecraft, Pokemon, D&D, guild chat…), and every day at lunch time he couldn’t stop raving about all the adventures he had gone through that morning. I started playing Role Playing Games when I was a teenager and was sure that it would be a great experience for him. But I never imagined how stimulating it would be for a 7 year old to play D&D at such a young age. We have already signed him up for the private D&D group and will keep an eye on any other activity that the New York Society of Play puts out there.
Jordi, Parent

The instructor was very patient, engaging, fun, and encouraging. My son is nervous about trying new things, and he felt comfortable right away. He learned more about Pokémon and was able to safely play online with other kids that have similar interests. My son cannot wait to take another class.

Shelley, Parent

My daughter did not stop talking about the class, she was so excited, she enjoyed all the aspects from the class from creating her character to being part of the story and finishing by defeating the evil character. Such a joy!!! Superb class!

What could be improved?

Offer it every single minute of the day :)

Joana, Parent
My son had the best time today playing D&D with the dungeon master and the other kids. He was begging me to sign up for the rest of the classes like this…Really pleased. The teacher had a great demeanor, which made the kids feel comfortable getting to know one another and participating in the class. My son can’t wait until the next one.
Jocelyn, Parent

Hear From Our Kids

I’ve been doing Dungeons and Dragons virtually with 4 other friends and the host. It’s really fun because you get to fight monsters every game and you get to choose your character, roll your own dice and cast spells…and get gold! The game is for 2 hours but the time really goes fast. You can stay in hotels, travel to cities, do different quests and I think this should inspire you to sign up because this camp is pretty new and you should join because the hosts are really funny and so are the other kids.

Idris, Age 8

For our Minecraft Sandbox Workshop

“I love it a lot and I think they should never stop doing it!” :)

Wyatt, Age 10

Hear from Our Partners

I am the co-president of our school’s special education PTA.  We serve the needs of children of all abilities, from K to 12.  It was important for us to have events that are inclusive of different abilities. So I was very impressed with New York Society of Play’s ability to entertain over 50 kids of all ages at our PTA event.  Every child was able to participate and engage in the activities.  The activities were fun, well organized and customized to each group of kids’ ability levels.  It was great to see kids play cooperatively with each other and get in some exercise
Jenny, Head of Herricks SEPTA

New York Society of Play offers valuable adventures led by a team of individuals who love working with young people, playing games, and creating new fun experiences for young people of all ages. Their love for the games and the youth is ever-present. Every BFS participant has asked for more and more NYSoP…even during breaks. They have taken collaboration, communication skills, creativity, and respect for others gained in the program and integrated them into other parts of their lives. Thank you New York Society of Play for the joy and love of learning you bring to our student’s lives!

Monique, Director at Brooklyn Free School

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