In case of a reported infection

Admins will

  • Email and text parents evening of.
  • Send out a wave of phone calls the morning after.
  • Offer viable online options to the family of the child who contracted the virus
  • Mandate a covid test for all staff in primary contact
  • Perform contact tracing across all classes at that location to determine what measures need to be taken for each day.
  • Monitor all test results as they come in to determine what actions need to be taken for the class where the infection was reported.



  • Are recommended to quarantine for 10 days or until the parents can provide a negative covid test for the student.
  • May return to class with proof of a negative COVID test. If the class is within 3 days, a rapid test will suffice.


In case of 2 or more infections in the same class 

  • The class in primary contact with the infected individuals will go online for that week, until all other test results arrive. After that point, the class will take place outside whenever possible, barring extreme temperature or inclement weather.


Online classes

  • Classes will continue in online format for 1 week following a reported infection, for the classes with primary exposure to the infected individual, only.
  • After 1 session of classes online, class will transition to an outdoors format when possible.
  • If a student is unable or unwilling to attend the online class, they family may opt to use their 1 sick day to receive a prorated refund for that day


In person preventative measures

Outdoor classes

  • In the weeks directly following an in-person closure, classes will switch to a majority outdoor format whenever feasible. Only students who have provided proof of a negative COVID test may attend these classes.
  • In case of rain, classes will take place indoors with extra spacing. Only students who have provided proof of a negative COVID test may attend these classes.