Behavior and Discipline Policy

New York Society of Play Behavior Policy and Disciplinary Procedures

At New York Society of Play we believe that good behavior is a prerequisite for gameplay. Our program is committed to upholding and exemplifying the social contract and the expectations given by our instructors at the start of each activity. To ensure the safety and fun of all we require all of our participants to exhibit appropriate behavior from day one. This allows us to maintain the quality and safety of every activity for all participants.

Please review the following rules and disciplinary consequences that guide our program. It is imperative that both parents and players understand the expectations of our program as well as the potential consequences. We ask that you discuss the information below with your child. We appreciate your support to help make our program an incredible experience for everyone.

General Rules

  1. Show respect to instructors, administrators, and fellow participants at all times and always use respectful language and tone when addressing instructors and participants.
  2. Stay with your activity at all times and move appropriately during after school pickup.
  3. Always follow all instructions set forth by instructors and administrators for each activity.
  4. Responsibly care for property and equipment.
  5. No disruptive behavior, including but not limited to fighting, violence of any kind, or inappropriate language.
  6. Follow the social contract and comply with all expectations set for by instructors and administrators at the start of each activity.
    1. Safety: This pertains to physical and emotional safety. Avoid behaviors which include, but are not limited to, hitting, teasing, yelling at, and bullying others. We want to be sure everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and safe.
    2. Respect: Be respectful to others. This includes being mindful with our language, taking care of our surroundings, and striving to communicate in a mature manner.
    3. Trust: Building trust by being trustworthy. This includes staying honest, not cheating in games, and doing our best to follow the social contract.
    4. Cooperation: Work together! This applies both in and out of our games. Even in competitive games we work together by listening when it isn’t our turn.

Consent: Make sure you have permission. Consent is needed to alter the game state of another player, outside of the set rules.

Disciplinary Actions

Without exception, engaging in physically aggressive behavior including minor altercations will result in an immediate suspension or expulsion from the activity. 


For incidents or infractions regarding uncooperative or disruptive behaviors there will be escalating consequences. The first violation will result in a warning letter to parents and a possible temporary suspension. A second violation will result in a suspension from the activity or expulsion from the program. A third violation will result in expulsion from the program for 1 semester or 1 year.