Current Positions

Dungeon Master

New York Society of Play is looking for veteran Dungeon Masters who can lead two-hour Dungeons & Dragons 5e games with groups of three to five kids ages 7-13. This job requires snap decision making, effective child communication skills, and the ability to seamlessly run a game of Dungeons and Dragons for groups of children at a variety of developmental levels.

New York Society of Play runs programs based around non-digital gaming for kids and adults. Typically, our offerings include after school, summer camp, birthday parties, workshops and more! Given the current global health pandemic, our company has transitioned to running fantasy role playing games to reunite homebound children with their friends and peers.

This position will last as long as stay at home orders in place for Northeastern U.S. persist. Depending on performance, further positions within the company may be available.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Run Dungeons & Dragons games for kids ages 7-13 in groups of three to five
  • Uphold gaming etiquette, make sure all players have a voice at the table
  • Keep kids engaged through humor and entertaining gameplay
  • Create original game material or learn pre-written material
  • Update character sheets at the end of every session & manage in-game logistics


  • At least one year of childcare experience preferred
  • At least 3 years of DM experience in Dungeons & Dragons
  • A strong internet connection

Anyone interested in this position should email [email protected] with your resume and cover letter. Please put “Dungeon Master Position” in your email subject line.