COVID Protocol 2022

Updates have been made for Summer Live Programming 2022. Please review our revised Policy.

Masks and Prevention

Masks must be worn by staff and students at all times. Students may take a mask break separately from the group. 3 feet of social distancing is observed while in an indoor space. Air purifiers will be distributed throughout the space, and windows will be opened when possible.

COVID Case Detection

In the event of a reported COVID-19 case, NYSoP will

  • Email and text parents the same evening the case was reported, informing them of exposure and requesting a negative rapid COVID-19 test before attending their next class.
  • Send out a wave of phone calls the morning after confirming parents are aware of exposure.
  • Offer viable online options to the family of the child who contracted the virus
  • Mandate a COVID test for all staff in primary contact
  • Perform contact tracing across all classes at that location to determine which other classes need to be notified
  • Monitor all test results as they come in to determine what actions need to be taken for the class where the infection was reported.

Students are recommended to quarantine for 5 days or until the parents can provide a negative COVID test for the student. They may return to class with proof of a negative COVID test. If the class is within 4 days, a rapid test will suffice.

Parents may transition to the online option if they send written notice to [email protected] if quarantining, ill, or uncomfortable with attending physically.

School Closures

If one of the schools we provide walking pickup for goes remote, New York Society of Play will not do walking pickup from that school for the duration of the remote period. However, children from that school may still be dropped off at our afterschool venue for their scheduled program.

If the school district implements widespread remote learning, the New York Society of Play will transition to a fully online program.