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Our most popular option! Private games meet 1 to 2 times per week. Since the players and the storyteller in the group are consistent, this enables us to tell epic tales of adventure together!

Duration: 2 hours

Group Size: 4-5

Availability: Monday through Friday, 3pm – 7:30pm EST

Private Games are for if you:

  • You have a specific group of friends you would like to play and be social with
  • You want to get used to the game while playing with friends
  • You want a long running group with a continuous story

Price Per Person

Days Per Week Price Per Month
1x Per Week $100
2x Per Week $176
Drop-in (Single Game) $28


  • Billing starts on the 1st day of every month
  • Any games starting after the 1st week of the month are prorated.

Start a Game

Average wait time: 1-2 days

  • When starting a game, you and a group of your friends will meet on a consistent basis to play in an ongoing story!
  • The party is responsible for finding their own group of 4-5 people
  • The party is responsible for finding a mutual time and day of the week which works for all involved
Request Private Game

Join a Waitlist

Average wait time: 1 week

The waitlist will allow you to fill vacancies and/or join an established group. To join the waitlist, add your child’s name, age, and availability to the signup form.

When we have found a group for you, we will notify you!

If you’d like, you can opt-in to single session drop-ins based on availability. If a waitlist player enjoyed their time with the drop-in group, they may request to join.

Join a Waitlist

BONUS: Dungeons & Dragons Raids

Our Dungeons & Dragons Raids are the ultimate challenge for our most experienced adventurers. Kids will be put in completely random groups, then tasked with coming together to defeat the challenge of the week.

To participate in a raid, you must already be participating in a private game AND you must have a 3rd level character in our database.

Due to popular demand, our Dungeons & Dragons Raids are back every other Saturday! Use the link below to register.
  • Every Other Saturday (Dates: 10/24, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5, 12/19)

  • 10AM – 12PM
  • $25 Per Class
Join the Next Raid

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