Due to high demand, we are opening NEW afterschool dates for BOTH of our locations!
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Dungeons & Dragons on Mondays, Brooklyn Free School: $510 for Semester (11 Classes)
Dungeons & Dragons on Thursdays, Last Place on Earth: $540 for Semester (12 Classes)

New York Society of Play’s in-person and virtual Fall After School Programs are built on thoughtful curriculum that teaches students how to apply skills from playing games to the outside world.

In addition to being loads of fun, our classes focus on the following concepts:

  • Confidence and public speaking
  • Conflict resolution and decision-making
  • Emotional and social growth
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Self-sufficiency and community-sufficiency
  • Strategy, negotiation, and planning

In -Person Fall Afterschool Curriculum

Board Games: Students will learn a new board game every week, developing skills such as reading and arithmetic fluency, negotiation, and strategy. Games include Carcassonne, Santorini, Labyrinth, and many more. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Our most popular offering, D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where kids take on the role of adventurers in a fantasy world, completing quests and defeating mighty monsters.

Fantasy Frontier: A live-action roleplay game that combines physical activity, item collecting, navigation, and role-playing into a game experience unlike any other. Kids will engage in foam sword battles with various enemies (played by our staff) to complete quests and collect treasure for future adventures.


Virtual Fall After School Curriculum

Dungeons & Dragons: Our most-popular offering goes digital. Students can shape their character’s growth and powers, meet strange and hilarious supporting characters, take on larger-than-life problems, and learn to work as a team with their peers – all over Zoom.

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Become an expert trainer in our online Pokémon Trading Card Game Club. Utilize strategy, creativity, and sportsmanship, to defeat opponents, collect digital cards, and build up dynamic decks.

Pokémon Battle League: Students will use an online Pokémon simulator to create a competitive team of Pokémon and put their skills to the test battling other members of the class.

Dungeons & Dragons Raids: Raids are the ultimate challenge for our most experienced adventurers. Kids will be put in random groups, then tasked with coming together to defeat the challenge of the week.

Minecraft: Students will use the popular Minecraft program with our proprietary configuration of the Heroes mod to take on the role of an epic hero while learning to collaborate and create on our safe, private Minecraft servers.

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After School @ Last Place on Earth
(531 Graham Avenue)

  • Tuesday: Board Game Club
  • Wednesday: Dungeons & Dragons Club
  • Thursday: Dungeons & Dragons Club (Starting Sept. 23rd)
  • Friday: Fantasy Frontier Weekly Meetup

  • FREE Walking Pickup for PS 31, PS 34, and PS 110
    (Limited pickup for PS 132)

  • Duration: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Ages: 7-13

After School @ Brooklyn Free School
(372 Clinton Avenue)

  • Monday: Dungeons & Dragons Club (Starting Oct. 3rd)

  • Tuesday: Dungeons & Dragons Club
  • Wednesday: Fantasy Frontier Weekly Meetup
  • FREE Walking Pickup for PS 11 and PS 20
  • Duration: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

  • Ages: 7-13


In-Person Program


  • $190/month

Two Classes Per Semester

  • 10% Discount Off 2nd Semester
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Virtual  Program
Minecraft & Pokémon


  • $120/Month
  • $35/Day
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Virtual Program
Dungeons and Dragons Only 


  • $140/month
  • $40/day

Two Classes Per Semester

  • $140/month
  • $40/day
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