Hello, world!


It’s been just over a year since the first test run of Fantasy Frontier on April 11th, 2021. We were all still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, but people were just beginning to venture back outdoors. One rainy Saturday afternoon, 4 playtesters used teamwork, bravery, swords, and magic to stave off a Zombie invasion at the Village of Duskwood.

We did a bunch more playtesting…
And completed the first version of Fantasy Frontier!
All summer long, we gathered our friends and ventured forth!
Facing Monsters…
 And, even the occasional Tragedy.
Despite these hardships, everyone still had a great time!
We traded and cooperated to make powerful cards…
And had an awesome summer 2021!
This summer, there’s even MORE of Fantasy Frontier to explore! We would like to introduce our first “expansion” to the Fantasy Frontier universe! Say hello to:
Collect and master over 75 new cards!!. Here are a few sneak previews:
This summer, come claim victory over new monsters, obstacles, and challenges with Fantasy Frontier: Season 2! Join our summer program to become part of the legend!
Stay tuned, this is only the beginning! Over the next few entries, we will talk about how we balance Fantasy Frontier, as well as how the game inspires teamwork in children. Then, a sneak peek of our upcoming expansion; Fantasy Frontier-High Seas!
As always, thank you for your support. We could not bring this game to life without the amazing families who attend!
Venture Forth,
Alioune N’Gom