Become a Pokemon Master! 

In our workshops, our staff teach children turn-based Pokémon battling in the style of the Pokémon video games, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield. We also teach children how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game using the Pokémon company’s TCG Online program.

All experience levels are welcome! We offer guidance on an individual level to help all players fulfill their potential as Pokémon Trainers.

Our Pokémon program has additional FREE perks including Pokémon Go outdoor social events and private, kids only Pokémon Tournaments (Coming Soon!)

Pokémon Trading Card Game Club

In this trading card game workshop, students will engage in friendly competition to “Be The Very Best.”

Utilizing strategy, creativity, and sportsmanship, players can defeat opponents, collect digital cards, build up dynamic decks, and forge new friendships through action-packed battles every week. Every class, we will distribute FREE digital booster packs to your child – so there’s no need to have their own cards to participate.

This workshop is played via Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, a free software compatible with most PC and Mac devices, as well as iPads and Android tablets.


Our Pokemon Trading Card Game Club runs on Sundays from 12-2PM EST/9-11AM PST.

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Fall Programs

Pokémon Battle League

In Pokémon Battle League, students will use an online simulator to create a competitive team and put their skills to the test. Learn type advantages, technical combos, and more as you battle other members of the class from across the country.

As students compete and train, we emphasize the importance of winning and losing with grace and learning from both experiences. Pokemon Battle League promotes skills like sportsmanship, strategy, and value assessment.


Please use the button below to access pricing and registration on our Fall Programs Page.

Fall Programs

Pokémon Go Social Events

(FREE to attend, adult participation required)

Pokémon Go is a FREE app that allows players to catch, train, and battle Pokemon based on GPS location. Trainers will collect Pokemon, defeat Team Rocket, assist the Professor in research tasks, and trade with friends all over the world.

Our Pokemon Go social events are a safe, socially distanced way to enjoy the game with other passionate players.

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Be Our Friend on Pokemon Go!

If your child has permission to add friends on Pokémon Go, we welcome you to add us! Use the trainer code or QR code below to send us an invitation.

Educational Benefits of Playing Pokémon

Critical Thinking

Solve problems, strategize and trade!

Reading & Math Skills

Apply math and build reading fluency with every game!


Compete with honor and grace in a safe environment!