PS 34 – Afterschool Pickup

Last Update: March 22nd, 2022

Welcome PS 34 Families!

Brooklyn PS 34: Oliver H. Perry

Here is the information you will need to provide so we are authorized to pick up your child(ren) for our afterschool programs.

For New York Society of Play

We must collect the following information for your child(ren)’s classes:

  • Days of Enrollment in Afterschool
  • Grade
  • Teacher Name

Please fill out our Google Form to provide us with this information.

For PS 34

PS 34 must receive a form of consent from parents if they are attending an after school program and being picked up at the school by that organization.

We have uploaded a partially completed version of this form onto our website that includes program name, address, director, phone, and email. You can access this document by clicking the button below.

Additional Information You Will Need:

Date Program Begins/Date Program Ends:
For a list of our programs with start and end dates, you can visit our Sawyer page.

Names of Instructors and/or Camp Program Staff:
For the sake of privacy, we cannot distribute our staff’s phone numbers on our website. Please email us at [email protected] if you need this information.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 347-292-9549. Please note that our response may be delayed on weekends and evenings.