Social Contract

Our Social Contract

The social contract is the collection behavioral guidelines our kids and staff follow, which embody the beliefs and creed of the New York Society of Play.


Pertains to Emotional safety. In order for people to feel comfortable in the space, they must feel free of judgment or negative scrutiny so that their voices may be heard.


Trust pertains to following the rules, as well as the expectations of our fellow players.


Refraining from interrupting one another, paying attention when it is not your turn, and being mindful about the language you use when talking to other players.


Acknowledgement that the interests of an individual player need to come second to the enjoyment of the whole group. Sometimes, compromise is necessary to have fun. Many of our games, D&D included, are team based exercises.


Consent is needed to alter the game state of another player, outside of the set rules. Consent must be asked in any situation which the player in question is supposed to have agency (responding to an npc, moving a piece, rolling a die)