New York Society of Play Summer Camp

Join us for a summer of adventure, fantasy, intrigue, and splendor!

If you and your young adventurers are looking for a quality outdoor experience this Summer, the New York Society of Play has you covered! We are working overtime now to ensure a safe, active, creative, and unique summer experience!

Campers will save the day with our original, one-of-a-kind Live Action Role Playing Game, which incorporates elements of foam swordplay, item collecting, cartography, orienteering, arts & crafts, and so much more! Your campers will take on the role of heroes and go on missions which will improve the quality of the fantasy world they will play in!

  • Monday, June 28th to Friday, August 27th (Weekdays)
  • 9:00am EST – 3:30pm EST

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Band together, learn new skills, and save the day!

Get active and become a hero in our Live Action Role Playing Game! Campers will split into groups of 4 to 6 and go on missions which will all factor into a plot spanning the entire Summer! Missions will focus on everything from combat and strategy, to arts & crafts, negotiation, and even orienteering!

Epic Foam Sword Fighting With Our Child-Safe Foam Swords!

Before lunch, campers will jump into action with our Battle Game program. Wielding safe foam swords, campers will take part in cooperative and team-based competitive games including Capture the Flag, Jedi vs. Stormtroopers, Wizard Wars, and more!

Role-Playing games familiar and new, led by our master storytellers!

Your camper will take on the role of a main character in settings such as Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Dungeons and Dragons! Role Playing games are a valuable exercise in problem solving, arithmetic, reading comprehension, and public speaking and just plain fun.

Locations and Schedule

This summer, camp will take place primarily outdoors

We will have 2 locations in Brooklyn (McCarren Park and Fort Greene Park) each with an outdoor site, as well as an indoor site for pickup and drop off. We will offer the option to use the indoor site or transition to our online camp in the event of bad weather.

Outdoor Indoor
McCarren Park The Last Place on Earth
351 Graham Ave.
Fort Greene Park Squarrel Cafe
251 Atlantic Ave.
Parents who would prefer to not have their campers attend on days where severe weather is likely may opt to have their camper attend our 10:00-2:30 online camp instead.

Daily Itinerary

Time Activity
9:00-9:30am Arrival at drop off site
9:15-9:45am Walk to Park
9:30-10:00am Social Contract
10:00-11:00am LARP
11:00-12:00pm Battle Games
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-3:00pm RPG
3:00-3:15pm Walk to pickup site
3:15-3:30pm Dismissal
3:30-5:00pm Late Dismissal

Role Playing Game Schedule

June 28th – July 2nd
Dungeons & Dragons
Star Wars
July 5th – July 9th
Harry Potter
July 12th – July 16th
Dungeons & Dragons
July 19th – July 23rd
Harry Potter
Star Wars
July 26th – July 30th
Dungeons & Dragons
Star Wars
August 2nd – August 6th
Harry Potter
August 9th – August 13th
Dungeons & Dragons
Harry Potter
August 16th – August 20th
Dungeons & Dragons
August 23rd – August 27th
Star Wars


L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Play)

In LARPs, or Live Action Role Playing Game. In a LARP, players use their imaginations to play a character who interacts with a fantasy world. Our LARP involves working in small teams, completing missions with elements of movement, play-acting, and swordplay.

Battle Games

Battle games are short, active games that usually last 5 to 10 minutes per round. Typically played on teams, battle games are a great source of exercise, as well as a fun way to practice teamwork and strategy. We play swashbuckling-inspired takes on classics such as Capture the Flag and Werewolf, as well as completely original games like Jedi vs. Stormtroopers and Wizard Wars!

Dungeons & Dragons

Using pen, paper, dice, and the imagination, your camper will take on the role of a main character in settings such as Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more!

Role playing games help children develop confidence, public speaking skills, problem-solving, literacy, planning, empathy, and creativity. Your kids will be encouraged to develop new social tools by engaging other kids in a safe environment with a common goal. They will engage a wide variety of approaches to a limitless range of situations and process the outcome in a judgment-free space!


Package Price Sibling Price Early Bird Special Sibling Early Bird Special
Single Day $120 N/A N/A N/A
1 Week $450 $405 $405 $364.75
2 Weeks $800 $720 $720 $648
4 Weeks $1,550 $1,395 + Free Sword! $1,395 + Free Sword! $1,255 + Free Sword!
9 Weeks (Full Summer) $3,000 $2,700 + Free Sword! $2,700 + Free Sword! $2,430 + Free Sword!
Late Pickup 3:30-5:00 $30/day, $120/week N/A N/A N/A
  • Weekly Packages can be used non-consecutively
  • Sibling Member discount reflects 10% applied to all siblings members after the first camper. 
  • First purchase will include an $30 surcharge for 3 official camp t-shirts, which campers will be required to wear during the day’s activities.

Parent Resources

Parent Handbook

Want to learn more about our camp activities and policies? Take a look through our Parent Handbook!

Parent Packet

Health & Safety

Health and safety are our #1 concern this summer. Read through our Health and Safety protocol to review all of our procedures.

Health and Safety Protocol

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