Summer 2022 Policies


The New York Society of Play is now instituting a late fee for families who arrive late to pick up their children without notice. For every 10 minutes after the designated dismissal time, there will be a $10 charge. Please be on time or alert us if you are running late.

Summer Program Policy

All of the items in our General Workshop Policy apply to our summer program. Additionally, our summer program has the following policies.

1. Refunds and Credits

IMPORTANT NOTE: This policy is tentative and subject to change any time before the beginning of our summer program on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022.

Refunds will be based on the total value of your original purchase divided by the number of days you have reserved. (i.e. The refund amount will depend on whether the original reservation was made with an early bird discount, a multi-week discount, or a sibling discount)


  • Cancel On Or Before May 30, 2022: Full cancellations by May 30, 2022 will receive a refund for all tuition paid. 
  • After May 30, 2022: Cancel after May 30, 2022, but two weeks prior to your scheduled camp week and receive a full credit for tuition paid for unused weeks.
  • All other cancellations will receive a 50% credit if the cancellation request is sent to us no less than 48 hours prior to the session.

Schedule Changes

  • Members and customers who wish to change weeks or location will be accommodated provided there is space available.
  • There are NO SINGLE DAY SCHEDULE CHANGES. All transfers must be FULL WEEK ONLY.


  • Participants who do not attend their registered session (for any reason, including illness or vacation) and notify the New York Society of Play 48 hours before the session will receive a 50% credit.
  • Participants who do not contact New York Society of Play to cancel by the refund/credit dates listed, or who contact us less than 48 hours before the start of the session, will not receive a refund or credit.

COVID Policy

  • Any family who is able to produce evidence of a positive COVID test for their child or another household member, dated within 7 days prior to the date of cancellation, will be offered a 75% refund for the original amount paid for that date. 
  • If test data is not provided, the regular refund policy will apply

2. Face Covering Policy

For New York Society of Play’s Summer Program 2022, students will be required to wear facemasks indoors. Facemasks will be optional outdoors.

3. Vaccination Requirements

For New York Society of Play’s Summer Program 2022, students will be required to be vaccinated and boosted prior to attending our In-Person Summer Programs.

4. Social Distancing Policy

For New York Society of Play’s Summer Program 2022, students will be required to maintain a 3ft. distance from eachother and staff while indoors. Air purifiers will be distributed throughout the space, and windows will be opened when possible.

Students will not be allowed to share food. This includes birthday cakes and other desserts.

5. What to Bring


Children will be required to wear an official New York Society of Play shirt. This will help identify your camper in our outdoor parks. Your first camp booking will include a one-time $30 fee for three shirts (one each: green, purple and yellow – no substitutions). You will also be able to purchase additional shirts for your camper for $10 each. Please make sure to provide a freshly-laundered shirt for your camper every day. 

Lunch and Snack

Please include a nutritious lunch for an active day outdoors in the heat in a heavy-duty lunch container. We will eat outdoors whenever possible and adhere to social distancing protocols. You may also pack your child a snack to eat as needed during the day. There will be no designated snack time.


Adventuring is thirsty work! Please make sure to bring your child to the drop-off location with a sealable container clearly labeled with their name, OR a bottled water. We will make runs to the water fountain in the park over the course of the day, but will not have bottled water or containers to provide to campers.

Hand Sanitizer or Hand-Sanitizing Wipes

Please make sure your child has a portable container of hand sanitizer or sanitizer wipes for personal use. We will keep hand sanitizer on site, but we still ask that campers have their own for primary use.


Please supply your child with a container of sunscreen. We will have a limited amount on hand for our staff, but cannot guarantee the proper SPF for each child, nor that there will be enough sunscreen for every camper. Campers will be asked to apply sunscreen periodically throughout the day.

Appropriate Attire

Your child will be moving around and engaging in physical activity. Please bring your child to our summer program in loose-fitting, weather-appropriate clothing, including their provided and clean NY Society of Play T-Shirt. Athletic shoes are also a must.

Two Face Coverings

Parents must supply their campers with two face-coverings each day. The second will be a spare in the event that the first becomes unusable. If your child does not have a face covering, they will be provided one by the staff on an emergency basis. We will only have a limited number of these extra masks, so please plan accordingly. Face coverings must be worn according to CDC Guidelines.  If your child refuses to wear their face covering properly during the day, they will not be allowed to participate. If necessary, campers may distance themselves from the group to take a break from their mask during the day.