Summer Semester may end Aug. 27, but there’s still time to join us for late summer fun!

Our Live Extended Summer Program and Virtual Summer Camp offer even more adventure, fantasy, intrigue, and splendor!

If you and your young adventurers are looking for a quality end-of-summer experience before the school year begins, the New York Society of Play has you covered! We are working overtime now to ensure a safe, active, creative, and unique experience!

Immerse your children in a community of like-minded game enthusiasts! Your child can enjoy safe, fun social interactions with friends both old and new. Join us for awesome activities such as Minecraft, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

  • Weekdays, Aug. 30 – Sept. 10

  • In Person: 9:00am – 3:15pm EST | Virtual: 12:00pm – 4:30pm EST

  • Brooklyn Free School  |  Zoom

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All photos without masks were taken pre-COVID.


L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Play)

In LARPs, or Live Action Role Playing Game. In a LARP, players use their imaginations to play a character who interacts with a fantasy world. Our LARP involves working in small teams, completing missions with elements of movement, play-acting, and swordplay.

Board Games & Card Games

Kids will play classics such as Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne, and explore new titles like Coup and 7 Wonders. Through play, student will develop skills including negotiation, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship.

Dungeons & Dragons

Our most popular offering, D&D is a roleplaying game where kids take on the role of adventurers in a fantasy world, completing quests and defeating mighty monsters. D&D helps kids develop confidence, mathematical literacy, public speaking skills, problem-solving, planning, empathy, and creativity.

Minecraft & Pokémon

Kids who join us for our virtual program will have the opportunity to build collaborative projects in Minecraft, and utilize strategy, creativity, and sportsmanship, to defeat opponents in Pokémon. To ensure a safe and respectful play atmosphere, we tie all play to our social contract, which promotes values such as safety, respect, and consent!

Summer Program Pricing

Package Price
Virtual Summer Camp $375
Live Extended Summer Program $720


First purchase will include an $30 surcharge for 3 official program t-shirts, which campers will be required to wear during the day’s activities.

Parent Resources

Parent Handbook

Want to learn more about our program activities and policies? Take a look through our Parent Handbook!

Parent Packet

Health & Safety

Health and safety are our #1 concern this summer. Read through our Health and Safety protocol to review all of our procedures.

Health and Safety Packet

Refund Policy

At the New York Society of Play, we understand that, especially now, circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. We have worked to provide a refund policy with flexible solutions.

All policies listed assume that absences and reschedules are not COVID-related. We have an entirely different set of COVID related considerations in our section detailing what happens if there is a COVID outbreak at our program.

Refunds will be based on the total value of your original purchase divided by the number of days you have reserved.
(i.e. The refund amount will depend on whether the original reservation was made with an early bird discount, a multi-week discount, or a sibling discount)

  • All requests for reschedule or cancellation must take place at least 48 hours before the day in question in order to receive a monetary refund. 
  • Any families who do not attend due to cancellation 48 hours prior to the start of the in-day will receive a refund equal to 50% of the original amount paid for that date, OR an NYSoP online voucher equal to 50% of the original amount paid for that date.
  • Any families who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the start of the day in question will NOT receive a monetary refund, but may request an online voucher equal to 25% of the original amount paid for that date.
  • Any family who is able to produce evidence of a positive COVID test dated within 7 days prior to the date of cancellation will be offered a 75% refund for the original amount paid for that date.
  • Any families who do not attend due to cancellation within 24 hours prior to the start of the day may reschedule their attendance to a day where seats are available. If no seats are available, they will receive an online voucher equal to 25% of the original amount paid for that date.

UPDATE 7/14/2021

  • For full indoor days, we will offer a 25% monetary refund or a 50% online workshop voucher depending on your preference. Please note that this does not apply to partial indoor days. Any families who cancel for a partial indoor day will fall under our regular policy for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.


At the New York Society of Play, we are preparing to have an AMAZING Summer with your young campers. We also feel it’s important to acknowledge the risk of a camper contracting or transmitting COVID while our program is in session. For this purpose, we have safety procedures in place that we hope to never use. You can find more information about this under the section of this literature titled: “What happens if there is a COVID-19 outbreak at our camp?”. Above all, I hope this document brings comfort to all parents by clearly illustrating the measures we are taking to make this summer as fun AND safe as possible.

Here are our primary practices that our on-site staff will employ to ensure the safety of our campers:

  • Routine temperature checks at the beginning and end of each day which we record on the attendance sheet.
  • Daily sanitization of all high touch surfaces (i.e. – sword handles, dice, and writing utensils)
  • Weekly COVID testing

For more information on our safety protocols, please read our Health and Safety packet.