“Why did we decide to split up from the others again?” Oleck, the 3 foot tall halfling knight shouted to Shade.

“For the same reason we decided to walk through that portal. It’s more exciting this way!” Shade, the exotic purple tiefling bard replied while looting a small golden statue of a hooded figure from the ancient tomb.

The two adventurers were all alone in this part of the dungeon, except for the ancient fiendish monstrosity trying to destroy them of course. For the moment it was being held at bay thanks to Oleck’s clever spell. The halfling had thrown his rope into the air and cast “Immovable Object” upon it to create an almost impossible barrier for this creature. The horrific creature was far too large to squeeze past the magically suspended rope and it seemed like it had been outsmarted.

If Oleck hadn’t been actively blocking the creature’s telepathy he might have heard it monologuing about its 30 foot long spiked tongue about to wrap around the adventurers and pull them into its gaping mouth with rows upon rows of sharp protruding teeth. The tongue suddenly lashed out at Oleck and the pair of adventurers agreed that now was a good time to run.

The ancient horror’s tongue continued to chase them as they ran through the forgotten cobwebbed corridors. Lashing between the adventurers, the tongue finally grappled around Shade, pulling him into the toothy maw. Oleck, barely alive from their previous encounter had no choice but to run as Shade fell victim to the creature’s lethal bite.

The ancient creature left Shade’s lifeless body on the corridor floor along with its other trophies and returned to its lair to await the next victim. All seemed to be lost for the poor bard.

A few minutes later the rest of the adventuring party stumbled upon Shade’s body. The gnome Isoxi, barely 3 feet tall herself, saw the poor tiefling on the floor. The others carried Shade out of the tomb and back to the light of day where they laid him down on his back.

“Are you able to help him, Isoxi?” Oleck asked, nursing his own wounds.

“Give me an hour and he’ll be fine. Well…basically fine.” The gnome replied as she gathered several rare oils and unguents from her bag.

The adventurers sat in collective anxious silence, watching the gnome druid prepare the magical ointment. Maybe this wasn’t the end for the purple tiefling after all! The gnome applied the tincture across the lethal gash on Shade’s torso before a sudden magical bright light appeared and enveloped the deceased bard. As the light subsided and the adventurers looked over towards their fallen companion they saw a hearty mountain dwarf lying there on the ground where Shade had been.

The dwarf opened his eyes and looked over to the awestruck adventurers before sitting up slowly with the help of Isoxi.

“Well, this is certainly going to take some getting used to!” said Shade, the reincarnated mountain dwarf.