Bring Your Fantasy World to Life!

Fantasy Frontier is a game that combines physical activity, item collecting, navigation, and role-playing into a game experience unlike any other.

In New York Society of Play’s LARP (Live Action Roleplay), your local public park becomes an imagined fantasy world filled with quests, monsters, and hidden treasures. 

What is Fantasy Frontier

Fantasy Frontier is a L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role-Playing) game. Live Action Role-Playing combines the storytelling aspect of roleplay with the physical engagement of sports. The result is a game where physical objects and landmarks take on new, larger than life roles in an imagined world filled with adventures, peril, and wonders!


In Fantasy Frontier, areas in the park turn into quaint villages, impenetrable fortresses, and vast wilderness. Players must navigate their terrain with a color coded map in order to discover new settlements and engage with exciting missions that test players physically and mentally.



The Game Master portrays the various enemies that challenge players on their journey, from goblins to knights to dragons!


Players use foam swords and other foam weapons to defeat their foes in safe, strategic, turn-based combat.

Exploration and Evolution

Through questing and foraging, players collect cards that represent various materials, equipment, money, and consumables.

These items can be turned into new potions, weapons, and tools!

Swords and Sorcery

Players use their weapons to battle against their various enemies, whether it be a mighty blade or a powerful spell.

Deeds and Diplomacy

Players start at the “Homestead.” From there, they can travel to various settlements and make new friends (or enemies!)

The more allies the players have, the more missions and resources they have access to.

The more enemies the players have, the more likely they are to find conflict at every turn!

Player choices are highly influential; allies and enemies they make directly influence the progression of the plot over the course of the summer!

Play Fantasy Frontier!

We play Fantasy Frontier during our in-person classes and programs.

New York Society of Play:
Afterschool Program

Every Tuesday
May 25th, 2021 to June 22nd, 2021
3:00PM  – 6:00PM
Brooklyn Free School

Play Afterschool!
New York Society of Play:
Early Summer

Every Weekday
June 14th, 2021 to June 25th, 2021
9:00AM  – 3:00PM
Brooklyn Free School

Play During Vacation!
New York Society of Play:
Summer Program

Every Weekday
June 28th, 2021 to August 27th, 2021
9:00AM – 3:30PM
Fort Greene and Williamsburg

Play in the Summer!