Virtual Programs 2023

Spring 2023

New York Society of Play’s virtual Spring 2023 programming schedule is here! From January to June, we’re bringing your families a thoughtful curriculum that teaches students how to apply skills from playing games to the outside world including:

  • Confidence and public speaking
  • Conflict resolution and decision-making
  • Emotional and social growth
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Strategy, negotiation, and planning

Join us in 2023 to play familiar favorites, such as the Pokémon trading card game and Dungeons & Dragons, or explore new worlds in Minecraft – all over Zoom with friends from across the country.

Our Curriculum

  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where kids take on the role of adventurers in a fantasy world, completing quests and defeating mighty monsters. D&D helps kids develop confidence, mathematical literacy, public speaking skills, problem-solving, planning, empathy, and creativity.
  • Minecraft Heroes
    • Minecraft is an easy-to-learn video game where what your child can build is only limited by their imagination. Contribute to our child-friendly, private server and make your mark by building with various types of 3D blocks. “Heroes” is a mod that allows players to have more control over their character than in traditional Minecraft. Each child can choose a class (mage, warrior, druid, bard, ninja, pirate, or cleric), gain experience, level up, and earn powerful spells and abilities.
  • Pokémon Trading Card Game
    • In this trading card game workshop, students will engage in friendly competition to “Be The Very Best.” Utilizing strategy, creativity, and sportsmanship, players can defeat opponents, collect digital cards, construct dynamic decks, and forge new friendships through action-packed battles.




    • Dungeons & Dragons


    • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Minecraft


    • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Minecraft


    • Dungeons & Dragons


    • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Minecraft


    Pricing packs are based on 5-month long semesters.

    Our Spring semester runs from January 2023 – June 2023.

    5-month long semesters can be combined in any order, with any number of children, for any number of months.

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