In-Person Programs 2023-2024

Spring 2023 is LIVE!

Walking Pickup Options

If you are interested in walking pickup for the 2023 – 2024 school year, please select the “Walking Pickup” add-on at check-out. We are NOT able to offer walking pickup for all neighborhood schools on all days. If your school is not listed at check-out, then we cannot guarantee walking pickup!

New York Society of Play’s in-person 2024 programming schedule is here! All school year, we’re bringing your families a thoughtful curriculum that teaches students how to apply skills from playing games to the outside world including:

  • Confidence and public speaking
  • Conflict resolution and decision-making
  • Emotional and social growth
  • Mathematics and logic
  • Strategy, negotiation, and planning

Our Curriculum

  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • In this tabletop roleplaying game, players take on the role of adventurers in a fantasy world, completing quests and defeating monsters. D&D helps players develop confidence, mathematical literacy, public speaking skills, and more.
  • Fantasy Frontier™
    • Our one-of-a-kind game combines the storytelling aspect of role-playing games with the physical engagement of sports. As a result, your child’s local park becomes a fantasy world filled with adventures, peril, and treasure!
  • Magic: The Gathering
    • Indulge in a fantasy world of Planewalkers, Pirates, Merfolk, Dragons, and more! Magic: The Gathering is the original trading card game that combines imagination with strategy, quick-wittedness, and luck. Your little one won’t want to stop after mastering this intricate card game, and the possibilities and outcomes are endless.
  • Pokémon League
    • A place to play Pokémon cards, talk strategy, and learn to be a Pokémon master!