Dungeons and Dragons


Action! Magic! Imagination! Teamwork! Put them together and what do you get? Our exciting, one-of-a-kind Dungeons & Dragons workshops!

Welcome to our weekly D&D campaigns, where you’ll engage in complex, unique, and fun role-playing adventures. Led by our expert Game Masters, our D&D programs welcome players of all skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned adventurers.

Once you sign up for our Dungeons & Dragons workshops, you’ll be eligible to register for our supplementary Dungeons & Dragons activities, many of which are free to attend!

What is Dungeons & Dragons?


At New York Society of Play, groups of 4-6 players become the central protagonists in a collaborative story, facilitated by their instructor/Dungeon Master. Throughout their adventure, players will shape their character’s growth, interact with strange and hilarious NPCs, conquer extraordinary challenges, and learn to work effectively on a team. To ensure both a fun and safe playing environment, we tie all D&D play into our Social Contract, which promotes respect, trust, consent, and other essential social-emotional tools.


Beyond the fun that comes with playing this classic tabletop RPG, Dungeons & Dragons allows players to develop confidence, creativity, literacy, and problem-solving expertise. Additional cognitive benefits include strengthening empathy, strategy, mathematical, and public speaking skills.

Ongoing Campaigns

Whether your child is a DnD veteran or a new fantasy enthusiast, there’s a spot for everyone in our ongoing campaigns! All of our groups meet 1-2x per week with the same kids. We welcome you to browse through our groups to find one that best fits your child’s availability, age range, and game interests. We have both virtual and live groups (live groups in NYC only).

Alternatively, you can fill out our Game Request form and we will match your child(ren) to a group based on scheduling availability, age, and interests.

For Kids

With obstacles and enemies in the way of your goal, it’s up to you and your friends to come together and save the day. These workshops are a great exercise in imagination, communication, and problem-solving, allowing kids to see their classmates in a constructive context, outside digital learning. Workshops run almost every day in multiple time zones.

For Families

The timeless combination of communication, problem-solving and imagination makes D&D a great activity for the whole family. Become explorers, heroes, and more! With the help of our experienced Game Masters, anyone can find a way to enjoy this imaginative and limitless game!

New York Society of Play offers tailor-made family fun at a special, low price. Prepare your whole family for adventure and sign up today!

* Note: A Family of 4 must include at least one adult
A Family of 5 must include at least two adults