Minecraft is an easy-to-learn video game where what your child can build is only limited by their imagination. Contribute to our child-friendly, private server and make your mark by building with various types of 3D blocks. All projects are a shared, collaborative effort.

We also host a FREE social event each month for currently enrolled students to share their creations and play together in an open building environment.

Minecraft Virtual Afterschool Program

At the New York Society of Play, we want to offer students a unique experience, which is why we use our very own Minecraft modification called “Heroes.” Heroes is a mod we added to our private gaming server that allows players to have more control over their character than in traditional Minecraft. Much like they would while playing Dungeons and Dragons, each child can choose a class (such as warriors, druids, pirates, ninjas, mages, clerics, and bards), gain experience, level up, and earn powerful spells and abilities.

Will you become a brave warrior or a powerful mage? Will you heal your allies or rid the land of monsters? Which kingdom will you swear your allegiance to? What legacy will you leave behind?

If you can dream it, you can build it! The sky is the limit!

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Benefits of Minecraft

Minecraft is used as a tool by educators all over the world to teach math, science, civics, and more. It serves as a fun way to promote communication and teamwork, as players build complex machines, vast cities, and underground escapes.

Our Minecraft class promotes skills in project planning, resource management, typing, and other technical and creative skills.